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Thinking about the future of society and the Earth as a good corporate citizen
  Tohkoh Jushi positions environmental emphasis as a top management issue, and the entire company is working together for the environment.
Academic Support for Foreign Students
  Tohkoh Jushi has actively developed overseas business ever since our company was founded, and we view the employment of local personnel and support for education as the first step toward coexistence. While advancing our business overseas, Tohkoh Jushi provides scholarships via Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) to foreign students who are studying in Japan
  without government support. These scholarships ease students' economic concerns so they can focus on their academic work. In this way, the scholarships contribute to the development of human resources with high-level expertise. Since 2002, Tohkoh Jushi has given scholarships to students from China, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam.
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