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Since our establishment in 1964, Tohkoh Jushi Co., Ltd. has aptly met market needs as a specialized trading company mainly handling acrylic resin such as plastic sheets, films and processed goods, and responded to customer demands. In recent years, we have begun handling construction-related materials such as fixtures and aluminum composite panels used as wall material in convenience stores and other buildings. Tohkoh Jushi is now developing wide-ranging businesses. In the prominent IT market, we are handling materials for LCD television light guide plates and cell phone display windows, and the volumes of these materials are increasing dramatically. In today's globalized business environment, each industry has entered an era of turbulent change both inside Japan and overseas, and our customers are facing diverse and complex management issues. With our sales policy of development proposal type sales, we go beyond the mere provision of goods by proposing product development that matches the business and sales strategies of our customers, earning great trust.

In expanding our business overseas, Tohkoh Jushi has conducted sales activities in South Korea since the company was founded. We established a representative office in Shanghai in 2003 to respond to the transfer of production facilities by South Korean and Japanese companies in recent years to China and other emerging economies. After making preparations, we established Shanghai Tohkoh Plastics Co., Ltd. as a local subsidiary in 2005. With the subsequent expansion of works, we opened a Tianjin Office and a Shenzhen Office, and established Hong Kong Tohkoh Co., Ltd. in 2008. Tohkoh Jushi is working at the further growth of our business in the East Asia region.

Tohkoh Jushi fully recognizes the importance of global environmental preservation, and promotes conservation activities. The company has acquired ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, and is implementing internal controls initiatives as a good corporate citizen together with our parent Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd. toward mutual prosperity with society. Additionally, to contribute to the global development of personnel, since 2002 Tohkoh Jushi has been providing scholarships via Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) to foreign students who are studying in Japan at their own expense.

Tohkoh Jushi will continue advancing our business activities toward contributing to our customers and to society as a whole. We thank you for your continued patronage, and for your warm encouragement and guidance.

Manabu Ikegami President Tohkoh Jushi Co., Ltd.
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