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Advancing development proposal sales Proposing product development aligned with strategies
  Tohkoh Jushi is engaged in the sales of both raw materials and processed goods in response to market needs as a trading company that specializes in synthetic resins (plastics). As a plastics trading pioneer, we have actively expanded overseas sales routes ever since our founding, established joint ventures in South Korea and Taiwan, and worked for the spread of IT-related materials.

In recent years, we have been offering new materials and products directly to end users. In addition to providing detailed follow-up from selection of raw materials through to sales of finished products, Tohkoh Jushi provides information on product development, proposes plans, and launches joint new product development projects based on customer sales strategies and conditions. We are advancing development proposal sales with "quick response and the best fit" as our motto.
  Tohkoh Jushifs Development Proposal Sales
Preparation of Highly Feasible Medium-term Plans
  To respond to diversifying customer needs, an executive meeting is held prior to the settlement of accounts each fiscal year to confirm items achieved and not achieved over the prior year and then draft the Basic Policy for Setting Basic Plans and the Marketing Policy for the following fiscal year in accordance with the themes of the Medium-term Management Plan. Our target is to move every
  resolution approved at this meeting into action. Items implemented in recent years include acquisition of ISO14001 environmental management system certification, strengthening management system software, giving scholarships to foreign students who are studying in Japan, establishing CI, and introducing an advisory system to receive advice from experts.
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