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  Our activities are spreading worldwide

Tohkoh Jushi established a strategic base in Shanghai, in rapidly growing China, in 2005 for Tohkoh Jushi's development into key industries, toward the globalization of our markets. We are responding to wide-ranging needs and creating markets for the materials used in new sophisticated technologies. We are increasingly expanding our business globally having opened Tianjin Office in 2006, followed by the launch of Shenzhen Office and Hong Kong Tohkoh Co., Ltd. in 2008 and North
America Office in 2013.
Tohkoh Jushi handles a wide range of products from IT and LED related materials to a wide variety of plastic sheets
Products Handled
  Tohkoh Jushi has gone beyond our long tradition of acrylic resin materials to handle other types of resin sheets, films and molded parts as well as resin production related equipment such as processing equipment and manufacturing equipment. We are developing wide-ranging businesses.

Acrylic sheet Polycarbonate sheet ABS sheet POP related Corporate signage PET sheet Various types of pellets Vehicle interior materials Various types of plastic processing equipment Molding machines
  1st Sales Dept.

This department primarily handles acrylic resins, and is responsible for sales of all types of resin sheets, films and processed goods to domestic customers.
We are advancing development proposal type sales which transcends the mere sale of goods to provide information and propose plans to customers.

2nd Sales Dept.

This department advances the standardization of commercial building construction materials for use at franchise chains, and is also responsible for the sale of LED-related materials.
The LED business activities include the marketing of lenses, modules and other components as well as planning, design, sales and even production of signs and displays in accordance with customer needs.
  Overseas Business Promotion Dept.

This department is in charge of sales of light guide plates, hard coat sheets and other products overseas, mostly in China, South Korea and Taiwan.
We are developing wide-ranging overseas business activities not limited to the export of products from Japan, but including the import of all types of resin products manufactured overseas and trilateral trading, in cooperation with local affiliates in each country centered on Southeast Asia.
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